November 17, 2022
Can You Do A Fit To Fly Test At Home

Covid-19 left a strange fear in the hearts of the world population. Everybody tries to stay away from those having flu or Covid-19 symptoms. The government has also demanded a Covid-19 certificate before traveling. People have asked if it is possible to do fit to fly test at home. In this article, you will find the answer to your fit to fly test-related question.

Fit to Fly Test

Today, travelers are using fit to fly tests for a smooth journey. They bring a Covid-19 negative certificate to make their journey flawless. World’s population can choose any fit to fly test according to their convenience. There are two most common types of fit to fly tests;

  1. Fit to fly antigen test
  2. Fit to fly PCR test

1. Fit to Fly Antigen Test

Fit to fly antigen test analyzes the existence of virus antigen in a human body. Antigen testing kits are available on the markets. In starting, test experts did fit to fly antigen test. Later, people began to do fit to fly tests on their own.

Method of Antigen Test

You only need to buy or order an antigen testing kit from a well-known brand, such as Official Rapid Tests. Follow the below steps to conduct fit to fly antigen test before traveling.

  • Unwrap the kit and take out a small liquid bottle.
  • Open its lid and place it in a suitable place.
  • Hold the swabbing stick and rub it in your nose or throat.
  • Take out the stick and put it in the liquid bottle.
  • Put some drops of solution in a testing machine pool using a dropper to observe the results.

A single line shows a negative report, while double lines represent positive Covid-19.

2. Fit to Fly PCR Test

PCR involves the multiplication of targeted DNA fragments to investigate the virus’s genetic material. We cannot conduct the whole PCR test at home. We need to submit it to the research department for complete analysis.

Method of PCR Test

PCR testing kit is a little bit different from an antigen testing kit. It contains a liquid tube and a swabbing stick.

  • Rub the swabbing stack in your nose or throat.
  • Dip the stick in the liquid tube for some seconds.
  • Take out the used stick and close the lid of the tube.
  • Send the tube to the laboratory for test.

The laboratory will give you the test report according to specimen components.

Antigen VS PCR Tests

PCR test is better than the antigen test because it is more reliable. It gives authentic results during three phases of viral infection. However, antigen test only gives results during the infectious phase.

Order Fit to Fly Testing Kits from Official Rapid Tests

Official Rapid Tests is the UK-based government-approved test provider online organization. They have been entertaining their customers for a long time. You will receive authentic reports on time if you prefer them for the Covid-19 test. Therefore, you must use their excellent services because their kits are FDA-approved and CE-marked.

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