November 17, 2022
How Do You Make A Gift Basket Special

A new mum’s first few weeks and months as a mother can be pretty challenging! Celebrate the arrival of a newborn with a special gift hamper that includes everything she needs to pamper her with and get some rest. With so many options available in the market, selecting the perfect present for a new mum can be confusing.

Pamper hamper is one trending gift item, making it even more special when someone gives it as a gift. So try this hamper idea which includes all the basic products your loved one needs during pregnancy and when she has just given birth.

Making the hamper look pretty

You want the hamper you give as a gift to look nice but not too fancy. You don’t want the recipient to feel bad about their lack of household items or feel they don’t deserve such a luxurious present. Choose one thing that is nicer than the others and put it in a separate section of the paper hamper.

Filling with useful items

Every woman deserves a bit of luxury and pampering when she’s having a baby. So what are some things you can include in your hamper that will help her feel loved and appreciated as a new mother?

  • A warm cosy blanket
  • The perfect nursing bra
  • A high-quality nursing pillow is ergonomically designed to support the baby’s weight whilst breastfeeding, and it doubles as a tummy time mat too!

Add Scent and Comforts to Your Basket

You can personalize the hamper’s contents by adding a few of their favourite scents and comforts. Think about what items they may have used during their pregnancy or what might be comforting to them now that they are caring for a newborn.

Add Baby Bumps Balm & Lotions

Baby Bumps Balm & Lotions help with the soreness and discomfort associated with pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. It is a comforting balm that soothes and moisturizes the skin after surgery or birth. Baby Bumps Lotion helps reduce stretch marks and leaves skin feeling smooth.

You can include Baby Bumps Balm & Lotions in the pamper hamper, and your loved ones will appreciate having something that provides extra comfort during those tender times.

Items to go in a pampering hamper?

A pampering hamper is a thoughtful and caring present to give someone who has just had a baby. It’s the perfect combination of personal and practical gifts for a new mum. The hamper should contain items she can use during her healing after giving birth, such as breast pads, nipple cream, washcloths, socks and lotion.

Some pro Tips

You can pack a hamper with practical items, like diapers and wipes. You can also add essential items such as a small electric heater, a nursing bra, or a maternity belt. You can also consider adding fun little things like nail polish, chocolates or bath bombs.

It would help if you always considered the recipient’s preferences when deciding what to include in the hamper. For instance, some people may not want baby food or children’s toys.

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