November 19, 2022
How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows

There are different reasons to get car windows tinted. It can secure your eyes and skin from the damaging UV rays of sun while also keeping the interior of your car cooler. Tinting if well-done can improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. How much does it cost to have your tinted car windows? Here is a detailed guide!

Why Tint Your Car Windows?

  • Several people ignore the fact that your skin may suffer sun damage from inside your vehicle. However, car window tinting Manchester can block 90% of the UV rays for enhanced protection while driving.
  • Sun UV rays can cause damage to your skin. It can also cause fading and cracking to your materials such as dashboard and seats. Tinted windows would preserve such materials and enhance the life of the interior of your vehicle.
  • A window tint can stick to the window and can hold broken glass together in case of an accident, hence preventing dangerous shards from flying around.
  • Window tinting enables you to look out while making it difficult for others to see in. Also, it makes it harder for anyone to see valuables inside your vehicle.
  • By blocking the sun’s UV rays, window tinting can make the interior of your car comfortable and cool, specifically during hot summers. Window tinting can also lessen glare from the sun for more comfort to your eyes.

Factors Included in Car Window Tinting Cost

The cost for tinting windows of your vehicle may vary depending on different factors. These factors may include

  • The model and make of your vehicle
  • The level of darkness you need for the tint
  • The number of windows to tint
  • The quality of tinting film
  • If you choose a professional to do the tinting work or you need to do it yourself
  • There are only a few instances, hence make sure to ask your chosen window tinting provider regarding potential charges that may apply!

The cost of window tinting is determined by material type uses, however there are a couple of primary sorts of products on the market. Sun film that is glued or pasted to the window or that is fixed and attached to the inside of the car are a couple of most common product types.

Average Cost of Car Tinting

As far as the average cost of professional window tinting is concerned, it can range from £100 to £400, based on the model and make of your vehicle, as well as the number of car windows to be tinted. For instance, it can generally cost more to have the rear and front windshields tinted compared to just side windows tinting.

In case you are searching for a cheaper option, there are a few DIY window tinting kits available. Such kits generally cost between £30 and £50 and can include everything you want to tint your own windows. But, it is crucial to note that such kits can be harder to apply perfectly than professional window tinting!

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