February 3, 2023
How Netflixs Heartstopper Fits Into Alice Osemans Book Universe

You must know Netflix, where you can find millions of videos and tutorials that you are looking for. All kinds of films and media coverages are provided here for your enjoyment. For your appeasement, Netflix itself made many series that bring happiness and knowledge.

Heartstopper Netflix is the admirable conversion of heartstopper comics. The writer of heartstopper comics who is alice oseman, made it possible how netflixs Heartstopper fits into alice osemans book universe. The series is a gift for those who simultaneously love the webtoon and the media.

Who is Alice Oseman?

Alice Oseman is a fabulous English author of young adult fiction that not only influences the youth but also creates content that admires the people. Alice oseman is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and illustrator. She was born in Kent, England by the following year in 1994.

Alice oseman has written different contemporary novels about teenage disasters, but the books that reached the peak of popularity include Radio Silence, Solitaire, Loveless, and I Was Born for This. These novels are not only based on traditional teenage stories but affect the youth generation tremendously.

Alice oseman talks about many conditions that our teenagers are facing nowadays and expressed remarkably in her webtoon. She is the originator of LGBTQ+ YA romantic webcomic Heartstopper. Alice oseman also plays the role of becoming the creator, writer, and executive producer for the media conversion of Heartstopper, which is marked to be released on the Netflix platform.

Heartstopper alice oseman YA novels have been nominated for many book prizes and awards. Honours that add glory to heartstopper alice oseman’s career include the Carnegie Medal, the Good reads Choice Awards, YA Book Prize, and the Inky Awards.

How Netflixs Heartstopper Fits Into Alice Osemans Book Universe

Heartstopper comics

Heartstopper comics is a series of romantic webtoons that alice oseman wrote for his novel readers. In the Heartstopper, alice oseman created a more romantic environment in his novel than any tragic trauma a teenager will face. Heartstopper comics became really popular with the youth generation. Heartstopper is available in four different volumes. The first two volumes are the base of how netflixs Heartstopper fits into alice osemans book universe.

How to read heartstopper comics?

If you are fond of Heartstopper and want to read all of its volumes, then you must seek advice from a professional on how to read the book and in which order. First, find an appropriate platform where you find the real Heartstopper rather than the fake. To read the alice oseman books in order, initially read the first three volumes of Heartstopper, which helps you to fulfil your curiosity.

Before advancing to the four-volume, read another novel by alice oseman called solitaire, the first novel alice oseman wrote at the age of 19. After finishing the solitaire, come back to Heartstopper and finish reading the four-volume. It may look disgusting to you, but the alice oseman books in order add to your enjoyment and make more sense of the webcomic if you read the Heartstopper in this way.

Where to read Heartstopper

Heartstopper is the webtoon that is highly in demand. Many websites buy its copyright and allow you to read it online. The websites where to read Heartstopper include amazon, Webtoon, Tapas, Tumblr, and Bookshop.org.

Is the Heartstopper novel the same as the webtoon?

The writer, alice oseman, and the director, Euros Lyn, along with the production team, create such adorable series that are available on Netflix. They tried their best to provide you with media that contains as much content as the heartstopper comics.

The first two volumes of the Heartstopper cover in webtoon in a pretty unique way that it is a minimum chance of missing any dramatic scene in the series. The presence of alice oseman as the executive director in the production of the Netflix series allows for the creation of the original content as much as possible.

Netflix Heartstopper

The Netflix heartstopper is the media visualization of best selling graphic webtoon Heartstopper. The characters particularly play their role in attracting the audience. The people who either love reading novels or watching TV get close to this series. This is how it works between the fiction media.

Characters of Netflix Heartstopper

Some characters add the soul to the personality of the novel. A British actor Joe Locke plays the role of Charlie, who is a guy that returns to school after winter break. In order to avoid bully, he remains stuck with his friends, but his life becomes changes after he meets Nick. Kit Connor appears as Nick, a confident boy playing rugby, never considering people’s opinions about his sexuality.

His life becomes a new adventure when he meets another shy boy Charlie. Elle, Tao, Issac, Tara, Darcy, Ben, Mr Ajayi, and Imogen are the other main character shown in the Netflix series. It is the group of friends who encounter their first loves, heartbreaks and challenges of group sports in their high school time.

Is Imogen in the heartstopper books

Imogen and Isaac are the two characters that are not present in the heartstopper comics. They are specially created for the Netflix series. The characters, such as Issac and Imogen, are appreciated because of the drama and adventures that they add to the screen.

Why did they add Imogen Heartstopper?

Imogen is not the character of heartstopper comics but the part of the Netflix series. In an interview, alice oseman revealed why she added Imogen to the Netflix series. The purpose of its appearance is to give Nick a friend who is not one of the lads. Imogen is a character known because of his melodrama. His addition to the series adds much more to the adventure, innovation and drama in the Netflix heartstopper.


The Heartstopper and the Netflix series is one of the demanding series that creates a trend on the platform. The idea Alice oseman brings to the screen gives her a new identity among the screenwriters. Alice oseman is an author known for her creative and different work. Therefore, if you want to experience the fun, romance and drama at a time, Netflix heartstopper must be your first choice.

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