February 4, 2023
How To Brighten A Living Room With Dark Furniture

Dark furniture has dual effects on living room, it adds a rich elegance but also make the room looks dull. But you should not worry if you’ve used the dark furniture to your room and looking for the appropriate ways to brighten up your room.

In this article, we’ll explain such designing tips by adopting you can turn the living room furniture sets look from dull to warm and welcoming. Yes, you’ve heard the right. All you have to do is, stay with this page and be good to go.

Brighten Up Your Living Room

Pickup the designer-approved ideas mentioned below and try to adopt as much as you can to withdraw efficient results.

Flower Curtains

To transform darkness of any space into brightness designers always first recommend to change simple curtains with flower curtains. Because its experienced, curtains took a great importance in psychologically grabbing your intention.

And yes, you are not only restricted to curtains type mentioned above. You can use curtains with other art works, but recommended is using flower curtains.

Color Your Walls

Now, the second thing is changing the walls color. Paint your walls with white color and base to enhance the brightness of living room. You can implement different textures and shades, but go with white color only. The reason behind is that it stays warm and looks bright always.

If you don’t want completely simple white; draw yellow pigments on walls. The benefit would be that it reflects off any incident light, so walls will be look more transparent and brighter.

Change Ceiling Color

As your furniture is already dark, so painting your ceiling with dark color will directly enhance the darkness. To avoid this, you should paint light colors to your ceiling. Recommendations are light greenish to pink, or even purple. If you know some other light colors, you can also implement them.

Open Up Windows

Let the natural light reach your living room and circulate with air to brighten up your whole room. For this, you should open windows in the living room if there’s any & you can easily open them. Otherwise place mirrors at such angles that they can easily reflect the incident light inside the room.

Have Lamps Inside

Lamps enhance the overall contrast and warmth of room. If you have adopted all the designing tips described above for brighten up your living room, then you should adopt it. Because you will only see results how lamp effects brightening of living room positively.

Place Artificial Plants

Surely, you will have console or coffee tables in your living room, right?

Try to place small artificial plants there and see how they attractively brighten up your room. Getting a single-color plant would be essential than multi colors.

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