February 3, 2023
Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart

Everything has a sound in nature. No matter it is living or not, it has its way of expressing its feelings. Have you ever visited a tree on your roadside? On a very staring night, you feel very calm and relaxed by talking to them. This is the feeling of the tree and the call of nature. And music is one of them that relaxes in your disturbing state.

Why music is so special:

Music is considered the medicine of the soul. It can cure the mind’s disturbances and directly affects brain centres. On stimulation, the specialized brain centres release dopamine hormones.

Dopamine is released on special occasions like having your favourite, addicted things or sex. The dopamine gives you a sense of overwhelming happiness. That’s why ever listening to your favourite song makes you happy too much and exciting.

What makes Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart so influential:

There is a saying in economists that if music is some type of business or an economy. No wonder it will be the strongest. Everyone in the world loves to listen to music. It revives the memories in your heart. You will feel yourself flowing with every word of it.

Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart specially creates for you to tell that you are not alone but surrounded. Every person in the world who appreciates this will accompany you.

They are beside you in your complicated circumstances. You eventually feel connected to them as they are a handsome blessing for you by nature. A humble song contains all the remedies of nature.

Whenever you are lonely along the bank of a river, Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart accompanying you. It makes you comfortable. Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart that helps you to erase all the bitter memories from your life. Even if the effect holds for moments, it is worth thousands of years.

Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart:

A body remix  Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart is a strong rap. This song was sung by two highly qualified and most popular British rappers, Russ Millions & Tion Wayne. They create solid musical lines to attract the audience.

Many people initially think of this song as a joke and just rapper lines. But as you propagate, you may become a die-hard fan of this. This is not just a body remix but the lyrics that move your heart.

It makes you experience the bitterness of life but stand right after it and become more mature after such an incident.

It is a story of girls named Fiona and Adeola who were gone insane. An African girl Adeola was short-sighted and could not able to see the inner of a person. She chose a mad over a more competent. But it cannot bring the rapper down but causes the opposite.

This makes him feel much more confident and values himself. He called himself a bloody lit that is hard to crack down and able to move forward like water.


Why it is so exceptional

The rap Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart is unique because it is a question that it is me who is more about worthing or a lifestyle. Life with money or luxuries may seem too exciting or peaceful, but everything has its cost. Nothing in the world comes for free.

The singer chooses that if there are preferences whom you may choose. A lifestyle full of accessories or me, a person who is waiting for you from the bottom of his heart and willing to give you everything he has.

This thing doesn’t matter that your choice is a lifestyle of luxuries, but I m not heartbroken. Instead, it pushes me to move forward and helps me believe that whatever I do is right. It is you who makes this choice.

The singer wants to tell everyone in the world that he is bloody lit and that no drawback can hold him any longer. That makes this rap song Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart so exciting and exceptional in the heart of everyone.

Therefore anyone who listens to this thing sticks these lines in his head and never forgets. Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart that breaks the boundaries and increases the popularity among the people day by day.

Why do we feel connected to it?

The feelings of Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart body remix are so strong that we hardly avoided it. The lyrics flow into your blood. When you go to bed, you remember every line and recall. The song’s music started playing in your mind, and your lips started rapping.

The rappers have not made it for themselves but have the intention to create a block baster. An outstanding rap that longs for centuries. The people of today’s world are becoming too meticulous.

They can abandon anyone with pure feelings just for a lifestyle. They follow the person have more power and opportunities and forget the weaker ones. The sense of fraud and cheating is increasing surprisingly.

But Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart gives you a message that you don’t have to worry about these selfish persons. Just spread the memories of the past in the smoke of cigarettes and burn the ashes. You should be proud of yourself regardless of anything.


Music or rap are just two offspring of the same father. Some may consider it more solid and robust while listening to rap, and some may feel more relaxed and comfortable while listening to music. Whether it is music or rap, both of them connect to your heart and heal your soul.

They strongly affect your brain and release magnetic waves that enhance the healing power. It does not stop there but  Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart acts as a message you wanted to give to the whole universe. From now on, you don’t need to stop yourselves but express every single thought.

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