November 20, 2022
5 Surprising Ways Weather Can Affect Your Mood

The weather has unique specifications that affect your mood and influence you. Your surroundings in which you are breathing is the thing that you can contact the most. Therefore rainy mood has a special effect that can enhance or down your day and mood. If your surroundings have the weather you love the most, your day and mood improve, and you feel more refreshed.

There is a lot of research already present on the topic that can weather affect your mood or not. But there is a lot of contradiction present on the subject of weather have actually the constituents that enhance your day and mood. In this article, we will look for the answer: weather can affect your mood. The team of introduce you to the 5 Surprising Ways Weather Can Affect Your Mood. Let us discover different ways which make you feel refreshed and more alive.

Winter weather

The winter season, formally called the cold season, is reported to have a high effect on people’s nature, day and mood. Persons with bipolar disorder or psychiatric issues having winter sad likely to be affected by the winter season. The cold day and mood have unique co-ordinance. Many people affected with winter SAD have depression, fatigue, lethargy, too much sleep, and high appetite. SAD is the cycle of depression that can occur on little simulations focusing on your day and mood.

It is also reported that winter helps you to boost your metabolic process and make you less aggressive and sluggish. Cold weather does not affect everyone equally on day and mood. It causes positive effects on some people, while on others, it induces adverse effects. Low temperature can easily affect your judgement. Moreover, low air pressure may increase your physical pain. Hiding in the rooms during the winter makes you lack exercise that directly focuses on your physical and mental health.

5 Surprising Ways Weather Can Affect Your Mood

Sunny weather

Sunny weather or high temperature is likely to be found in the topical regions. During the sunny weather, high temperatures with low humidity bring the depressed person up. In sunny weather, everything tends to expand, and your body does the same. It can bring the depressed person up by influencing him to move outside and breathe the fresh air. But too high a temperature irritates and makes him more aggressive.

The sunny weather can take out the worst of the person. It seems in many countries that suicidal attempts reach their peak during sunny weather. Summer SAD  is not common in many people, but it is reported. The attack of SAD in sunny weather is not high and is primarily associated with poor appetite, fatigue, and insomnia. Summer lovers also called this season really beneficial as it makes you less fearful.

Rainy weather

The rainy weather seems too cool and refreshing. The water droplets coming down from the sky makes you astonished. Everything becomes more neat and clean. Such a rainy mood helps you boost your level and prepare for new work. In addition, the level of serotonin becomes high in rainy weather. You can often experience the rainy mood, making you crave soft food. The carbohydrates induce your serotonin level, affecting your body and making you happier in rainy weather.

The rainy weather also causes some pessimistic induction. Everything seems to take their hideouts and closed rooms in a rainy mood. The rainy weather makes people depressed. According to Carpenters sang, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” The negative impacts of the rainy weather and the rainy mood are more than their stimulating affect. Tecsia Evans, a clinical psychologist in San Francisco, said about rainy moods “When it gets dark and dreary out, some people definitely have more susceptibility to feeling lonely or down. It’s pretty common to see a change in mood — such as feeling sadness or lower self-esteem — when it’s rainy outside.”

5 Surprising Ways Weather Can Affect Your Mood

Overcast weather

According to World Meteorological Organization, overcast weather is the cloud’s meteorological conditions that cover almost 95% of the sky. The cloudy weather seems like a powerful season that acts as a sign that something is going to happen. Sometimes, it brings heavy air or rainy weather along with it. Many people reported that overcast weather brings gloominess and sadness.

As it is regarded as the surrounding just before the rain, many people experience the same effects as the rainy weather. But the people who love the overcast weather found it optimistic and more energetic than the rainy weather and sunny weather. Psychiatric patients do not react too much to this environment. The overcast weather introduces beneficial effects on depressed persons and makes them feel more alive and refreshed.5 Surprising Ways Weather Can Affect Your Mood

Bipolar weather

People suffering from bipolar disorder are sensitive to rainy weather and sunny weather and mood. Little changes in the weather and mood have significant effects on them. Bipolar weather is the sudden changes in temperature and weather. Bipolar weather means that weather is forecasted to be sunny but actually, the temperature change or become cold during the day.

Such abrupt change in the temperature is formally called bipolar weather. Sometimes bipolar weather and mood make the person sad and irritating, but if specific weather continues for a time, sudden change in the temperature is liked chiefly.

Why does overcast weather make me SAD?

Overcast weather makes the low radiations of the sun pass the Earth. The low intensity of sun rays makes the weather and mood gloomy and sad because of the increase in serotonin levels. Furthermore, overcast weather may cause you depression, formally called SAD. SAD is most common in seasons having low temperatures with high humidity.

Does hot weather affect mood?

The hot and sunny weather affects your mood directly by making you more aggressive and irritating. The sunny weather also takes out your hidden worse state. Unlikely, people suffering from depression may positively impact that it helps them come out and breathe in the fresh air.


Weathers like rainy weather, overcast weather, sunny weather, and bipolar weather directly affect one’s personality. Weather and mood are directly related to each other. Sometimes, sunny weather and mood make you aggressive, and sometimes, it aids you to calm and relaxing.

Although there is a contradiction in how does weather affects your mood, but everyone converges to the point that it obviously affects your mood. Therefore, must read the 5 Surprising Ways Weather Can Affect Your Mood by while enjoying your favourite weather with a cup of tea. Have a happy life.

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