November 18, 2022
The www aka ms your pc Your Phone Companion Application for Windows

Doesn’t it feel nice to have a direct connection between your phone with a PC? It is easier to command from the phone and let the window load the document. It distributes the work between two electronic devices and makes you more comfortable. Suppose you are looking for the complete process of installing The www aka ms your pc Your Phone Companion Application for Windows. It is the right place for you to find that. In this article, will give all the necessary data that you are looking for.

The www aka ms yourpc Your Phone Companion Application for Windows: is the microsoft application window that helps your mobile connection to your microsoft application. In the current era, not only computers run microsoft windows, but window-specialized boxes like Xbox also play the role of pc.

Can You Pair Your Android Phone with a Windows PC?

Yes, it is likely to connect an android phone to the application window. It can be accomplished by downloading the phone companion app that links your data with your microsoft application window. Synchronization of data is possible after the connection of your android phone with PC data.

Install Your Phone App on Windows 10 PC to Use to Link Windows PC with Phone

Install Application

Have you ever tried If not, you must scroll for the information on how to install on your Windows 10 pc for a more accessible link with your phone. Here are the steps you should propagate if you are interested in

  • Click on the start button.
  • Process in the settings
  • Select update security in the setting menu.
  • Now choose the check for update option.
  • Now you can get the Windows OS and all the updates from microsoft official download page and install them on your pc.
  • After downloading, you may receive a notification to Link your Windows to your phone.

How to Connect Phone to Windows with App?

  • Start the computer by pressing the “Start” button.
  • Click the Microsoft Store link.
  • Launch a better application window on your mobile if you still cannot locate it.
  • Point out these steps to link your phone.
  • Add the same email id used on the computer to your mobile device
  • Look for “your computer.”
  • Choose the name of your computer from the results
  • Select the “Link to Windows OS”
  • Click the app on the computer and choose “Send Notification” to confirm the pairing.

How to Download and make Connection of App for Android 7.0?

  • You can search for the link for more information.
  • If the app is compatible with your smartphone, you will be taken directly to the Microsoft Store to get it.
  • It may be possible that you can be taken to the Google Play Store to get a companion app on your phone.
  • It is feasible to use a companion app for communication between your window application and pc.
  • Get the programme proceeds on.
  • Now there are two options available for you to sign in. Either use your email address or a QR code that will easily sync your phone with your computer.
  • Do not forget to select “allow” when prompted to share your thoughts on the message before sending it.
  • If you want the freedom of texting and calling, remember to choose the option.
  • If you’re comfortable with this, click “allow” or “enable” to grant access to your contact list.
  • Click on continue and move further.
  • Now, Select “Let’s Keep in Touch”.
  • Depending on your pc, Either deselect the battery optimization option or choose it enabled.


  • Users utilizing can effortlessly transfer content from their phones to computers.
  • A simpler and quicker method
  • Use the cross-device for copy-paste option to copy content from one part of the device and paste it into another.
  • With, users can now create and receive calls with their personal computers.
  • Also, answer calls using the PC’s speakers and microphone. So, no permanent presence of a phone is required to attend the calls.
  • Android users can immediately send over 2000 images directly from their phones to their personal computers.
  • You can use these applications to chat online, browse, play games, and so on your computer’s bigger monitor and keyboard.
  • Multitasking is also possible.
  • You can perform actions and tasks on those applications too. For example, now it is possible to imagine texting or calling on whats app via laptop.
  • No need for data cables or USB with

How to unlink a device in Your Phone app?

In Your Windows PC:

  • Open the web browser present on your PC and search for
  • Now is the best time to log in to your Microsoft account. Microsoft login.
  • A list of all connected devices you have ever linked with will appear on your window display.
  • Now, Choose the Unlink option for each device.
  • Visit Your Phone app.
  • Close it, and reopen it to confirm the changes.

On your Android phone:

  • Start an app that is compatible with your phone application.
  • In the upper-right corner, select Settings and choose Accounts.
  • Search for the Microsoft account you used when connecting to the PC.
  • Click the Sign Out button present next to the account
  • Remember to follow each step wisely to disconnect your Android phone from Your Phone app. It is easy to connect to other devices using Your companion Phone App.


Microsoft edge for mac and Application windows is provided exclusively to ease your life and make it luxurious. Microsoft edge for mac helps you update your feature and walk with the modern era. The application window is one of these steps. The application window helps you to link all your data with yours, so the transfer and sharing will be accessible in microsoft edge for mac.

Suppose you have ever tried microsoft edge for mac and Let us know your experience in the comment section below. We are obliged to provide you with every service and let you experience the technology with fun. Have happy internet scrolling!

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