November 19, 2022
Tips To Prepare Your Clothes For Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning helps to prevent change in texture, loss of color and other damages of clothes. These damages can occur when clothes go through the tumble of the washing machine and dryer. You need to prepare your clothes before dry cleaning because this will protect your clothes during the process of dry cleaning.

Here are some tips to prepare your clothes for dry cleaning:

Reading instructions from care tag:

Almost all garments have care tag on them. Care tags give instructions about the garment. They tell us that garments can be cleaned by  dry clean or machine wash. Some clothes that can be dry cleaned only come with special guidelines. You need to separate these clothes from others. If you make your demand simpler for the dry cleaner then the outcome will be more satisfactory. is one of the best laundry service provider among all the dry cleaners in Birmingham.

Remove things from pockets:

People used to put small and necessary things into their pockets. These things can be a mobile, chewing gum, ink pens or makeup items. In order to protect these things and the clothes as well, you need to clear your pockets before giving the clothes to a dry cleaner. All cleaners appreciate those who empty their pockets. Otherwise, they empty the pockets by themselves.

Mentioning the spot of stain:

If there is any prominent stain on your clothes then bring them to the attention of your dry cleaners. Attention is necessary to remove the stains. It would be great if you mention the spot of the stain to the cleaner to make the process of cleaning easier.

Choosing the right method:

Choosing the right method to remove stains is also very important. Which thing caused the stains determines the right method to clean the stain. It will help the cleaner to determine the best way to clean the stain while preserving the remaining clothes as well.

Best time to clean it:

If the stains remain on clothes, they become harder to remove. The earliest possible period after the garments get dirty is the best time to clean it. provides us with the best laundry and dry cleaning service in Birmingham.  They provide us all the usual services and special treatment as well.

Examining the condition of clothes:

Examining the condition of clothes or textile is also very important before dry cleaning. You need to check for broken zips, missing threads or loosing threads. It is very important to inform your cleaner about all these worries so that he can take note and make all the necessary changes.

Fabrics react differently:

All the fabrics react differently when they are soaked in water. For example, silk can lose its color or shine when soaked in water in the wrong way. So, It is important to let your cleaner know about the fabric of your garment.If you need any alterations then let the cleaner know about them. The team provides the necessary alteration as well.

If you are looking for the best dry cleaners in Birmingham then is the right option for you. They provide us laundry and ironing, dry cleaning, alterations and more. They  provide pick up and delivery service as well. Visit  website to book  order and get the best service in Birmingham.

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