November 26, 2022
What Equipment Do You Need For Boxing

To start boxing, you’ll need basic equipment to help you last longer and make training more convenient. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on this stuff if you don’t know what you need, so I’ve compiled a list of boxing equipment you’ll want to buy when starting as well as some helpful accessories that won’t break the bank but will still give you an edge over your competition.

Boxing Gloves

The gloves are the most important UK boxing equipment in a boxing match. They protect your hands from injuries and help with grip, which is essential in preventing punches from slipping. If you’re only going to purchase one thing, make sure it’s a good pair of gloves. Positioning the headgear correctly will also prevent head injuries by absorbing blows to the face or protecting it from hitting the jaw.

Boxing Shoes

It’s important to have a good pair of boxing shoes. Shoes are the only piece of equipment that makes contact with the ground, so it’s important to have a high-quality pair. Find shoes that fit your foot well and make sure they offer enough support.

Punching bag

A punching bag is one of the most important equipment because it’s what you’ll be hitting the most. If you want to buy a new punching bag, there are many options available at Sporteq, such as synthetic, leather, and heavy bags. The type of bag that will suit your needs best depends on your skill level and what type of workout regimen you’re following. Synthetic punching bags are good for beginners because they’re soft and easy on the hands.

Training Gloves

The most important piece of equipment is the training gloves. It doesn’t matter what your weight class is or what boxing style you’re training in; everyone needs to use a quality pair of gloves during their workouts and sparring sessions. The gloves will be the difference between a good workout and an injury. The wrong pair of gloves can hurt your hands, wrists and elbows, leading to chronic injuries.

Jump Rope

The most important piece of equipment is a good jump rope. You’ll want to find a durable one that has a comfortable grip and can adjust in length, so it’s just right for you. If you’re new to jumping rope, start with a shorter cord until your arms and legs are used to the movement.

Hand Wraps

We recommend wearing a thicker wrap that provides better protection because it will help alleviate the chance of injury when you hit heavy bags or box opponents in training sessions.

Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is a must-have item regarding UK boxing equipment. The custom-made mouth guards are designed to help protect your teeth and gums from injury. Mouth guards also offer a level of comfort that makes it easier to take a hit, reducing the impact on your jaw and other sensitive areas of the face.

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