February 3, 2023
What Makes The Main Character Sneeze Gullivers Travels

Gulliver Travels:

Gulliver Travel is a well-known science fiction fantasy novel. The novel was written by Anglo- Irish writer Jonathan Swift, a remarkable poet and essayist. He wrote many plays or novels not only to enchant the world but make him realize his grave sins—the sins that are eating people silently but cruelly. Gulliver Travel is considered one of the miraculous and universal books available for the people of every generation.

Gulliver Travel is based on the stories of different trips taken by the main character, gulliver, around the world. The book continues by plotting the exciting stories of his voyage. How he visits other places, roams there, and survives by his incredible intellectual. Gulliver Travel consists of four parts in which Gulliver visits various Nations that are totally different in many aspects. We are going to focus on his first trip, in which we explore what makes the main character sneeze gullivers travels.

Who is the Gulliver?

Gulliver is the main character and narrator of the satire. He is the person on which the whole play moves around. The character may not appear as one of the characters we consider our true heroes. Neither he is an emotional nor narcissistic person. He may not even notice the things we, as a reader, feel in any plot. Gulliver’s nature is considered non-emotional because he never makes any connection between his home and voyage.

But his poker nature makes him fit in our play and helps him survive many horrible places. This thing makes the gulliver, who is the main character in gulliver travel, unique and precious.

Enomlous Experience of Gulliver:

Gulliver, who is the main character in gulliver travel, sets up his first trip on a ship that will pass through the deep sea. Unfortunately, when the boat passes through the most dangerous area, heavy rain causes a flood in the sea. High waves in the ocean are the main reason the ship sank into the deep sea. Luckily, the gulliver was the only one who survived the terrible night.

The waves took the gulliver to the island of Lilliput. Lilliput is a region of tiny creatures with just some inches. Other than people, small plants and animals are another unique features of the Lilliput region.

Capturing of Gulliver:

When Gulliver arrived at the island, he was faint and had no sense of his surroundings. The tiny soldiers of the Lilliput region found him at the shore and took him. Despite his height, lilliputians and the soldiers treated him well.

The Lilliputians are the people having excellent knowledge of mathematics and mechanics. The Lilliput region seems to be prosperous and has many different kinds of talents. The prince of Region has many machines fixed on wheels and appears very active. He has 900 strong men who are supposed to push his carriage through the sea.

Emergency in the state of Lilliput:

Gulliver was the vast nature that lilliputian had ever seen. That’s why they do not have any carriage or vehicle for a big person like a gulliver. Five hundred carpenters and engineers were immediately summoned to capture the gulliver. Their mission is to make a carriage for the gulliver, who is as big as the gulliver. They created a wood frame three inches above the ground, about seven feet long, and four wide. The carriage was moving on almost 22 wheels. Gulliver could hear the engine of the sound about 4 hours from his landing. This shows the intelligence and works remarkability of the people of Lilliput.

Nine hundred most strong people are called to put the gulliver on the carriage which the carpenters and engineers just made. After less than three hours, Gulliver was placed on the newly created wood frame.

Journey to the capital:

Gulliver, who is the main character in gulliver travel, was given the soporiferous medicine that causes him to sleep on the long journey to the capital, which was just about a half mile, according to Gulliver.

The curiosity of the soldiers:

Almost after four hours, The gulliver awakens by a ridiculous accident that happens to him. The carriage was stopped in the middle of the journey to sort out the things which were gone out of order. Some young natives of Lilliput, curious to know how I looked while I was sleeping, caused the awful accident. To fill their curiosity, they climb up on the engine and progress very softly on the face of  Gulliver, who is the main character in gulliver travel.

As the saying goes, curiosity is a good thing, but sometimes overconfidence leads to a bad result.

What makes the main character sneeze Gullivers travels

Out of curiosity, some soldiers climb on the face of the gulliver, who is the main character in gulliver travel. One of the soldiers, while moving on his face, one of the soldiers accidentally put the sharp end of his half–pike into my left nostril, making the main character sneeze in gullivers travels. The mild itching of the soldier’s weapon is what makes the main character sneeze gullivers travels.

Effect of Gulliver Sneeze:

The sneeze of the gulliver is just like the earthquake for small Lilliputians. The lilliputian soldier realizes his mistake, what makes the main character sneeze gullivers travels. The remaining five hundred soldiers guarded him, half with weapons and half with torches.

After the minor accident, this march safely reaches the capital, where the king of Lilliput, the main character in gulliver travel, welcomes him with his small prime ministers. Lilliput is a lovely region that treats the gulliver, who is the main character in gulliver travel, well but doesn’t allow him freedom.


Gulliver Travel is a fantasy book who are not only for the children in the nursery but to arouse the people. Swift wants to change the trend deep in our hearts and force people to think and write by widening their imagination. Gulliver Travel is considered the first book that created the foundation for novels and is equally loved by all people regardless of age which is the actual achievement of Swift.

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