February 4, 2023
When Can I Eat Spicy Food After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

A smile is the beauty of the face. With a smile, your beauty will enhance to a thousand per cent. Healthy teeth are necessary for a pretty smile. Suppose you are experiencing any problem that leads to hiding your smile in front of everyone. You must contact your dentist to solve the issue before it becomes severe. Here we provide you with the information of when can I eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal to protect my smile.

Wisdom Teeth:

The last set of teeth that grows in a human body is known as wisdom teeth. They hinder most molars in your mouth. Wisdom teeth usually grow in teenage with a lot of pain and swelling.

Sometimes they also impact your neighbour’s teeth and may disturb the jawline. Therefore in many cases, their removal becomes vital for keeping your remaining teeth healthy and strong.

After having surgery, the knowledge of When can I eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal is necessary. It helps you to avoid infection and severe pain of surgery after surgery.

When can I eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal:

Everyone owns a different healing speed. So, When can I eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal solely depends on the body. When the gums of your teeth after surgery, it is the time when you can start chewing or crunching the spicy food.

The approximate time When I can eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal is almost 72 hours. You can’t eat anything crunchy solid, or sharp these three days. Otherwise, you will have to suffer the side effects that may lead to another surgery that you may not like.

When Can I Eat Spicy Food After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Why there is a need to avoid spicy food:

After the surgery dentist recommends you stay away from spicy food. The spicy food’s paprika and pepper may get deep into the healing tooth. Here it came in contact with healing organisms and blood vessels. The pepper and paprika may react with them, which leads to irritation and severe pain.

It leads to a prolonged healing time for the tooth after surgery. The minimum time requires When can I eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal is at least 72 hours or more.

Maximum Approved time for spicy products:

The spicy things are the habits of some foodies. It is tough to live without them. You can crave them from time to time, but before going back to a proper spicy diet, you must wait at least 10- 12 days. These days are the appropriate time your tooth requires to heal the cavity layer.

If the coating is not entirely protected, your food’s spices may enter the tooth. This delays the healing process, and you have to wait for more for your favourite food. Therefore it is better to avoid any spicy food first ten days. The dentist recommends these days for your safety.

What should I eat after surgery:

It is vital to know what I can eat after surgery on my precious teeth. To make the healing process faster, eat spicy food as early as possible. It is essential to provide the tooth with the best nutrition and care after surgery as much as possible. Right after the surgery, you can eat the following food.

Apple sauce or fruity sause:

The sauses are semi-liquid particles, and you don’t need to consider the nutrition. The vitamin C and the solid cheese melted in the sauces provide the essential fat you need for better healing.


Juices are liquids that you can engulf quickly right after the surgery. Juices made up of fruits contain all nutrients your body needs for maintaining a regular metabolism. Moreover, juices can make you hydrated all the time. The water content in the juices is more than enough for the survival of your body and the teeth.

What food can you eat after three days of tooth removal:

After three days, your tooth is on the way to healing but not completely healed. Therefore, you must avoid extra solid or spicy food that adversely affects your condition. The best food choice that you can make after three days of teeth removal includes the following.

Mashed potatoes:

Mashed potatoes are the boiled potatoes that your mom can cook for you. But eating the entire potato may be dangerous for your teeth’ protection. Therefore it is recommended to mash the potatoes before giving them to your baby son, who has just undergone surgery. The mashed potatoes have plenty of carbohydrates that the brain needs for proper functioning.

Without an adequate amount of carbohydrates, your son may starve. To avoid the probability must eat the mashed potatoes that your mom brings for you. You can also add a small number of salts to them to make them more palatable and tasty. A small amount of salt does not cause any harm to your teeth, but you must consider the proportion of salt you are going to use.


The puree is the blended form of the fruits and veggies you want to take. You just put the veggies or fruits in the food processor. You can also add sweets or salt to the puree as per the requirement. Puree contains all the minerals, fibres and vitamins you can wish for yourself in your healing time. Indeed a puree is a blessing with a rich taste and essential nutrients for a person that taken the surgery.

White Yogurt:

White yoghurt is a semi-solid material that you can take to fill your belly. White yoghurt has good bacteria that help you in digestion.


The diet chart is a product that you need after getting into surgery. You can intake the above-listed items till when can I eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal. After three to four weeks, the soft tissues of your teeth are entirely healed.

This is the best time when can I eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal and the best time your dentist recommends you to crave spicy food. It is the time when you have the total grant to yearn for whatever you want. But always remember to eat the spices appropriately so that your tooth always remains healthy and the wisdom tooth is not implicated.

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